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Due to the increase in popularity of the early Range Rover, there has been a significant rise in the number of 'restored' cars on the market. 

Please, if you are looking to buy a Classic Range Rover do ensure you check it over very carefully. We have seen some very poor repairs as well as re bodied early cars and so on.

Our full vehicle appraisal service will make sure your investment is what it should be.

Owning a Classic Range Rover is a wonderful adventure and will more than likely be one of the most rewarding vehicles one could own.




We have full workshop facilities at Classic Range Rover.

Main dealer trained staff with over 25 years experience with the marque.

Detailed dealer servicing and use of genuine parts and recommended fluids and lubricants, ensure that your Range Rover will not only be reliable, but perform how it is intended.




Our restoration work is of the highest standard, striving somehow to make each car better than the one before.

We are specialists dedicated to the marque who know these remarkable cars inside and out.

Attention to detail and originality ensure that our cars are not only built better than new, but will last for much longer. Full or part restorations can be carried out , full structural guarentee on all restoration work.




There are many upgades for your Classic Range Rover.

From wheel and tyre packages to competition engines and transmissions.

Brake, suspension and steering can all be tailored to your specification.

Full custom conversions on request.

Please ask for further details.



Complete interior reconditioning service for leather and cloth trims.

Headlining retrimming.

Custom work available.

Full interior conversions.



Full paint and coach working facilities available.

From isolated areas of shot blasting to a complete panel off strip down and re paint inside and out.

Total cavity corrosion resistant treatment.

Full range of factory colours available.

Custom work undertaken.

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