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Welcome to Classic Range Rover. 
The preservation of the magnificent.
Our business is driven by pure enthusiasm for the Range Rover.
Detailed accurate part or complete restorations to exacting standards.
Time and passion are more important than turnover and profits.
We do go that extra mile, stay that bit later, work at the weekends,why? Because we are proud, proud of our work, proud of our cars, proud of your car...
Detail, originality and preservation are crucial elements we like to embrace with all Range Rovers, hand built from top to bottom. 
One of our most recent restorations being described by Land Rover Monthly magazine...
"Nothing this good left the Land Rover factory in 1995. This is a truly stunning resto."
Land Rover Monthly magazine October 2015.
(Article written 'Better than new' 2015 Billing show winner.)


  • Appraisal

  • Restoration

  • Upholstery

  • Maintenance

  • Performance Enhancements

  • Coach Building

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